Proton Mail; A Secure Email Service Provider

Privacy is now something worst to take care of, today if you are looking to keep your conversation privately then you should consider using encryption. There are many email services that allow you to send an encrypted, in this tutorial will be using one of the best among many a so called Proton Mail.

Proton Mail is an open source email services that offers a lot features and amazing services it both have free and paid version of its services. Its service comes under Swiss law, so reliable privacy and security feature should be expected and ask no more much when signing up to their service. It also has the feature of not to trace your IP address and they also made the services for mobile devices that’s Android, iOS.

Why Proton Mail?

As it was stated above the email service offer a lot of feature especially when it comes to privacy because is being developed by a group of developer’s that promises to bring secure and encrypted mail to the masses and keep sensitive information away from praying eyes but despite that encryption there’s a lot that can catch end-user attention to fall love with their service those in-built feature includes.
  • Open Source; The entire Proton Mail is build on open source codes just to make the mail secured, they make it tied to dominate an invisible encryption.
  • Anonymous Email; I like I’ve said this before, by default Proton Mail do not keep any IP logs which can be linked to your anonymous email account.
  • Data Security and Neutrality; Proton Mail is incorporated in Switzerland and all our servers are located in Switzerland, this means all user data is protected by strict privacy laws.
  • Security with Productivity aka Modern user interface (UI); The modern interface make it easier to navigate anywhere in the inbox and it was highly optimized to help end-user have better reading, organize, and send messages.
  • Easy to Use; They made clear that even a basic IT user can operate, they made fully compatible with other email service provider no hassle
  • Self Destruct; This feature nowday became most have while using email services, this allow to schedule a specific time when or by the time user receive the mail.
Being a developer, programmer or one who always want to stay away from snooper’s, then the Proton Mail is one stop to give a try to, of course there’s a lot of other services that are similar to Proton Mail but believe me is not as much as this because I’m currently using their free service. When you sign up with them they can give free 500 MB and if like the service you donate or upgrade to premium version. Hope you’ll give a try to it even for a while. Thank you.

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